4 Posts – Devotionals (v. 0.3)

What are these 4 Posts entries? As many days of the week as I have time I look through the RSS feed for the Moderate Christian Blogroll/Aggregator and select four posts on a single topic. Usually the topic is suggested because a post has caught my eye. To call my attention to a post you have written e-mail pubs@energion.com and suggest your post and a general topic heading. Your blog must be a member of the Moderate Christian blogroll, and in general I prefer to include posts within the last week only.

OK, today’s four, which are either devotionals or about personal devotional activities:

1: Heaven’s Highway – Four Minute Devotionals: Living with Lions

Living with Lions starts with Psalm 34:10 and then gives some thoughts that resulted from watching a Discovery Channel program on lions.

2: Bible Money Matters – Wisdom and Understanding: Better than silver or gold

This is a good meditation on the value of wisdom in making decisions.

3: Thoughts from the Journey – Jealous

God is a jealous God, but is this good or bad?

4: Pen of the Wayfarer – The Deception of Idolatry: The False Promises of False Prophets

This is a slightly heavier devotion taken from Ezekiel, but well worth reading. The wayfarer reminds us to “[b]eware of the prophet who is too popular.” Good advice!

I’m currently collecting posts on prayer for the next 4 Posts.

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