The Blogroll is Still Alive!

Recent appearances to the contrary, the Moderate Christian Blogroll and Aggregator are still active.  I have been extremely busy with my business at Energion Publications, and so have gotten behind.  I’m in the process of updating the backlog of new members and also deleting some inactive blogs.  I’m about 1/3 of the way through that process.

I’ll post a notice here when I have added all the new blogs and updated the list.

Please note that I will no longer be maintaining the Blogrolling version of the list.  You can find all the ways to link and get RSS feeds at or on this blog.

Added Business, Education, and Photography to Topics

On the new Moderate Christian Topics Page, I now include tags for Business, Education, and Photography.

These tags come via my Google Reader, so you can also click through the “Read More” link in the bottom right hand corner of the widget and get an RSS feed link if you want to follow only one topic.

As always, I include only links, not whole posts anywhere I display these.

New Display Option at

I’ve been looking for a way to make the blogroll more valuable for some time.  Considering how far behind I get on the little bit of administrative work I have to do now, whatever idea I found couldn’t take much time.

I found it!  I have added a new topics page, which uses the tagging from my Google Reader, most of which I’m doing anyhow, to show only the Moderate Christian Blogroll members’ posts by topic.

I am putting a bit of advertising on the page, as there is some added value here, but I’m only posting links using the Google widget that comes with the reader.  If you don’t want to be included, let me know, and I’ll exclude your blog.

New Blogroll Members and Blogrolling Problem

First, apparently Blogrolling has been having troubles for some time so that rolls cannot be updated.  They expect to have this fixed soon.  I didn’t notice because I was so far behind in updating the roll.

Second, I have just updated the roll with submissions going all the way back to October last year, so if you have been waiting forever and ever, you may find yourself on the roll now.

The blogrolling blogrolls (sounds good, no?) still work, but I can’t add the new members yet.  The other means of including the blogroll on your site still work, including:

Display all sites in random order: (The default is to display site names and do so in random order.)

Display sites with most recently updated first: (order can also = alpha, but that is not particularly useful as there are more than 50 sites on the blogroll.)

Limit the number of posts (maximum and default are both 50):

List posts rather than sites:

In addition, you can subscribe to the RSS feed from my Google Reader Moderate Christian Blogroll folder.  I’m not at all sure why you would prefer to do it that way, but you can.

4 Posts on the U. S. Election

What are these 4 Posts entries? As many days of the week as I have time I look through the RSS feed for the Moderate Christian Blogroll/Aggregator and select four posts on a single topic. Usually the topic is suggested because a post has caught my eye. To call my attention to a post you have written e-mail and suggest your post and a general topic heading. Your blog must be a member of the Moderate Christian blogroll, and in general I prefer to include posts within the last week only.

I’m having to look a ways back to get a balance.  I wanted two that would be more or less pro-Republican and two that would be more or less pro-Democratic, but I had some difficulty finding them all.

Levellers – Obama’s Chances of Victory Increase

Dr. Michael Westmoreland-White discusses why he believes Obama should win and will.

if i were a bell i’d ring – To Go Negative or Not to Go Negative…

Joel Gillespie – It’s Time to Fish or Cut Bait

Joel thinks we need to get real.  He also liked John McCain’s idea of suspending the campaign.  (OK, so I gave him an extra link, but it helps balance this post!)

Moral Science Club – Two important articles on Feminism, Hanson and Paglia

On the other hand, is this the actual Democratic position on abortion?

Blogs Added

I have added a number of new blogs to the roll.  If you have e-mailed me or filled out the form and have not been added, there are two possible reasons:

  1. I didn’t get the e-mail or somehow missed/deleted it
  2. Your blog did not appear to meet the standards.

It’s easy for me to miss something on a blog that doesn’t relate to religion, so if your blog is not on the roll, e-mail me again.  I’m looking for an explicity statement that the blog is Christian and also some sort of evidence that it supports moderation in one form or another.

The point is not to be exclusive, but rather to keep all the blogs on this roll on one theme.  There are many blogs that I read regularly and enjoy that would not qualify.

Here are the blogs I have just added:

I will try to get back to a few “four posts” entries in the near future!

Posts RSS Feed Down on the Blogroll

The RSS feed for posts was down overnight due to a stupid error I made in coding an upgrade.  It’s fixed now.

The upgrade will allow me to exclude feeds individually from either the blogroll or the aggregator at your request.  Right now nobody is excluded, and I don’t plan to exclude anyone unless they would prefer not to be included in one or the other.

Since the Aggregator ( includes post summaries, some people might prefer not to have their content included.  Also, in the near future the same upgrade will allow me to tag posts by category (politics, religion, etc.) and topic (Bible, doctrine, U.S., whatever), with tabs on the aggregator allowing users to review incoming posts in that way.  I would probably include at least one or google ad block to help me pay for all this, and I want to offer people the option of being in the blogroll but not in that topical listing.

I think such a list should help make the aggregator more useful, however, so while I’m making the option available, I’m hoping most people will choose to stick with it.  Note that I never include the whole post, unless the whole post and summary are identical, as shown in your RSS feed.