4 Posts on Prayer (v. 0.4)

What are these 4 Posts entries? As many days of the week as I have time I look through the RSS feed for the Moderate Christian Blogroll/Aggregator and select four posts on a single topic. Usually the topic is suggested because a post has caught my eye. To call my attention to a post you have written e-mail pubs@energion.com and suggest your post and a general topic heading. Your blog must be a member of the Moderate Christian blogroll, and in general I prefer to include posts within the last week only.

It was a bit harder to find the right set of posts to include today, so I hope I did justice to everyone’s postings. Let me remind everyone that you can email me with suggested posts and topics.

1: Everyday Liturgy – Praying Throughout the Day

Thomas brings us Praying Throughout the Day, which is a very short post, but one that brings up a very important thing about prayer–when, where, how often, and what are all questions that are wrapped up in this brief one.

2: Whispers from God’s Spirit – Have You Told God Your Secret Joys?

This is a rapid repeat appearance for a single blog, but the post is too good to miss if one is talking about prayer, so here is Have You Told God Your Secret Joys? from April Lorier at Whispers.

Well, have you?

3: St. Paul’s Collegiate Church – One Prayer

St. Paul’s Collegiate Church is joining in One Prayer. This sounds like an interesting idea.

4: Wayne Brown – Pilots land on a wing and a prayer

Wayne passes on a story about how Pilots land on a wing and a prayer.

I haven’t decided on my next topic yet. Note that I’ll be traveling for the next week, but I do expect to blog. I just don’t know how regularly.