4 Posts on Scripture (v. 0.2)

Here comes the second “4 posts” post. For details, read this.

In choosing today’s posts I was looking for things written during the past week that discussed Bible study, the inspiration of scripture, or provided a useful example of such study. Here are my choices:

1: Through a Glass Darkly – Joshua and War

Joshua and War is a good example of a brief post looking at the broad theme of a larger passage of scripture and trying to answer the question: How should we see this today? The hard part in this case is being true to the original text at hand, while also remaining true to other revelation and the tradition (particularly ethical) of the church. It’s brief, but well worth looking at.

2: Kouya Chronicles – Bible Pictures

In choosing this post, Bible Pictures, I recalled my own reactions when someone has chosen a post of mine for a roundup that I might not have chosen. Eddie may feel the same way, but this link to resources is worth publicizing further. I was deeply disappointed on being informed that Moses had no Nikon. However shall I continue living? So you don’t miss it, Eddie and Sue Arthur are Bible translators, and he does write many other things.

3: Shuck and Jive – Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Any preacher who preaches from Ecclesiastes, and doesn’t choose his pieces carefully so that they sound pious, deserves some attention. John Shuck is preaching through the Bible, and his sermon on Ecclesiastes is worth looking at both for style and interpretation.

4: Whispers From God’s Spirit – The Thoughts of the Lord are Deep

The Thoughts of the Lord are Deep represents an activity I strongly recommend to Bible students–writing poetry, stories or something similar that relates directly to a Bible passage. This is a lovely example of poetry and is based on Psalm 92.

I’m now collecting 4 posts on devotions or devotional readings. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m very happy that you picked this one, Henry. I agree with you that sharing resources is very important. There are so many good things out there that it’s impossible to find everything without people taking the time to help us.

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