Blogroll Requirements

While there are no requirements for sites to be included in the aggregator, to be listed in the blogroll you are asked to do one of several things:

  1. Post the blogroll on a page on your site or on one of your sidebars. (Information here. This option simply provides a full list of participants. Depending on your software you can choose how many to display. They are displayed in random order so that nobody will be favored.
  2. Post the RSS feed. (Information here). This lists the most recent posts, up to 25 via RSS.
  3. Provide the various links for the aggregator on your site.
  4. Finally, keep at least five members of the blogroll in your own blogroll. This is a new option.

I think these options should provide everyone with a workable alternative for them. Some people don’t like to have every site on the blogroll displayed. It’s hard to tell precisely what will make someone uncomfortable, so that’s what the last two options are for. Remember, however, that the purpose of a blogroll like this is to spread information and encourage communication. If you’re on the blogroll, but don’t provide any links, you’re not doing your part.

I have very little time to police the blogroll, but I will be looking from time to time and reminding people, as well as removing blogs that are not active. If you get removed, and it was by accident, or perhaps you were inactive and you’ve become active again, just e-mail me and I’ll look into it. I’d like this blogroll to be a benefit to everyone.

4 thoughts on “Blogroll Requirements

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  2. I’ve just joined your blogroll.
    I’ve no problem with the newsfeed but the link newsfeed does not work for me.
    I am using Drupal and have a lot of news feeds with no problem, but with the Moderate Christian BlogRoll Links I keep getting errors and it will not accept the feed.
    This is the feed it will not accept –
    I am quite happy to publish the list of websites on the blogroll on a seperate page and update this, and I will publish a selective list of members on my main page when I get round to viewing them.
    In the meantime do you have an alternative newsfeed or workaround ?


    Chris Swift

  3. The blogrolling feed is giving problems all over. It seems to require Javascript now, so that may be less of an option.

    Using just the most recent posts newsfeed is acceptable, or keeping the blogroll on a dedicated page. A final alternative is to link to at least 5 members of the roll from your sidebar.

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