New RSS Feeds and Blogroll Options

I have revived and completed some software I originally started when I created the Moderate Christian Blogroll, and thus have new and improved options for displaying the blogroll, including a site list via RSS that will display properly in sidebars.

You will have noticed (I hope), the posts about problems with the current feed. It has been leaving out a number of sites, including almost all blogspot blogs. The new feed seems to be including them properly, so it’s time to start using it.

I will leave the old RSS feed active for a couple of weeks so this information can percolate, but you should change to the new feed, as many sites are not included in the old feed. Here are your options:

Display all sites in random order: (The default is to display site names and do so in random order.)

Display sites with most recently updated first: (order can also = alpha, but that is not particularly useful as there are more than 50 sites on the blogroll.)

Limit the number of posts (maximum and default are both 50):

List posts rather than sites:

Note that you can limit the number of posts in the same way.  If you are going to display it on your sidebar, most widgets are going to limit the number, and you’ll probably want to do so anyhow.

All options that worked through should no longer be used.

You can still use the blogrolling:

Javascript: <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>


Remember that the requirements for inclusion in the blogroll are that you include at least 5 blogroll members on your blogroll, or use one of the methods above to display that many.  The links should be no more than one click from your homepage, thus it is acceptable to simply link to which displays the aggregator.  It is more helpful to your fellow bloggers, however, to include a few more links than that.

If you don’t want to be included in the aggregator, which displays extracts, please e-mail me at  I will be glad to exclude your site from the aggregator while leaving it in the blogroll.  You can also choose to be in the aggregator only.

Also, please report any errors to me.  This software is in testing, and is only implemented here.  I’m going to use it one other place which will also help, but I need error reports if I’m going to work out the remaining kinks.


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