RSS Feed Problem Update

Due to an emergency call from a client that took several hours out of my day, I did not complete the new RSS feed fix, but I did find out what needed to be done and how it could be done. With any luck I will manage to complete it by the end of the day.

I will post again on this blog when all is finished, and the new feeds are available, along with instructions as to how to use them.

For those who many have missed earlier posts, the problem is that all blogspot feeds, and some feedburner feeds are being incorrectly parsed by the software I was using. I found that the aggregator software I wrote for is still picking them up correctly, and I will be providing a set of RSS feed options from there.

RSS Feed Problems

The combined RSS feed is not correctly including blogs on Blogger or Blogspot. If your blog is missing from the most recent posts, that is the most likely reason. If you’re not on one of those services and you aren’t showing up, let me know. The best way to check is to look at the aggregator, which lists the last 50 posts. If you have a recent post and it’s not in there, let me know.

I expect to have something working yet today. Unfortunately the wordpress plugin I’ve been using to aggregate has not been updated for some time, so I can’t really check that way. I’ll probably either find another aggregator, or finish up the one I was already writing, but abandoned since there was such an easy option to use a wordpress plugin.

Aggregator Problems

I am having some problems with the aggregator software. There are numerous posts missing from the aggregator as displayed at I have my old aggregator that I wrote here, and I may simply revive it. It only lacked ordering by posting date and its own RSS feed generator, and I have most of the code for those.

The problem is that all blogspot blogs and a number of feedburner feeds are not updating correctly, which removes most of the blogroll from both the main aggregator page and the RSS feed. I will update you on the progress here over the next couple of days. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Moderate Christian Blogroll RSS Feed Change

The RSS feed for the Moderate Christian blogroll, useful for putting links in your sidebar, will be changing. Since many of the blogroll members don’t read the blogroll admin blog, I’m putting the announcement here as well. The old feed will be going away, and the new feed is already active. If you are using this feed to display links to the blogroll members, please change the link.

The new feed is:

I had to make this change because the level of traffic on this blog got beyond a couple of administrative items, and it isn’t because of blog readership. It appears to be the overhead of the aggregator software that caused the problem.

Note: If you’ve had problems getting this blog over the last couple of days, it’s because of this problem. I know the blog has been down at least three times.