Four New Members

… thus putting me even further behind. I truly am trying to highlight some posts here from the various new blogs, but I haven’t been keeping up.

In the meantime, here they are:

Living with “God Vision”
if i were a bell, i’d ring
Seeking After
Adventures in Revland

Let me add a reminder that if you’re on the blogroll you’re expect to fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Post the blogroll on a page on your site or on one of your sidebars. (Information here. This option simply provides a full list of participants. Depending on your software you can choose how many to display. They are displayed in random order so that nobody will be favored. There is no longer an option for this to work on blogs. If you find one, let me know.
  • Post the RSS feed. (Combined RSS Feed). This lists the most recent posts, up to 25 via RSS.
  • Provide one of the various links for the aggregator on your site (last 50 posts, lists by site).
  • Finally, keep at least five members of the blogroll in your own blogroll. This is a new option.

Remember, it’s just one of the above. Complying with this requirement helps make this blogroll a community. There should be one of those options that isn’t too much of a burden. I personally like to display the full blogroll on a page, and the last ten of the RSS feed in a sidebar.