Welcome Four MORE New Members!

Please welcome four more new members. Adding these folks reminded me of how rarely I have posted links to specific posts on this blog, so I’m going to do so for the four new members, and try to keep on doing it through the rest of the blogroll over the next few weeks. Remember that these are just posts that caught my eye. You need to stop by the site to enjoy other posts by the same author.

Simple Life in Christ brings us Sharing My Life with God. I suspect many of us will relate. We walk away from God, feel miserable, and just can’t think why that might be!

April Lorier at Whispers From God’s Spirit brings us A Prodigal’s Song of Praise. I really enjoy it when people find parallels to the spiritual in the things about their daily life that really interest them.

Christian Personal Finance has some suggestions about what we should do with our rebate checks. Those of you who live outside the United States will just have to sit this one out–or get your politicians to vote you some money!

On Heaven’s Highway we find this wonderful memory of a good sheriff, and his book of apostolic prayers passed from generation to generation.

I welcome these four new members. Hopefully I’ll actually get to posting more links to other posts. I’d like to do something here every day!