Welcome Doing Theology from the Caribbean

When I added Dan Schweissing’s blog Doing Theology from the Caribbean to the blogroll, I forgot to enter a welcome message. So welcome him already!

In the meantime, Michael Westmoreland-White over at Levellers, also a Moderate Christian Blogroll member is doing a series of interviews with Peace Bloggers, and has just completed one on, you guessed it, Dan Schweissing! Find links to those interviews here.

Meanwhile, I note that we have a large number of missionaries and Bible translators on the roll, and in some cases people who are both. I think that helps demonstrate that “moderate” (in theological approach) and “committed” are not incompatible.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Doing Theology from the Caribbean

  1. Thanks for the welcome, Henry! Please note that the html link above does not go to my blog but actually brings folks right back to this site instead.

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