4 Posts on Tithing

Finally!  After nearly two months, another “four posts” post.  I hope to be more regular as I’m using my Google Reader more effectively.

What are these 4 Posts entries? As many days of the week as I have time I look through the RSS feed for the Moderate Christian Blogroll/Aggregator and select four posts on a single topic. Usually the topic is suggested because a post has caught my eye. To call my attention to a post you have written e-mail pubs@energion.com and suggest your post and a general topic heading. Your blog must be a member of the Moderate Christian blogroll, and in general I prefer to include posts within the last week only.

Christian Personal Finance – Tithing in the New Testament

. . . in which he presents answers to a number of major questions about Christians and tithing.

Wayne’s Bible Study – Many U. S. Christians pay tithe before mortgage even in crisis

. . . points us to a news story about Christians continuing to tithe even when defaulting on their mortgages.

One Thing I Know – The Church as Prostitute

Could preaching tithing be one element in a wrong focus for your church?

Everyday Liturgy – 10 Everyday Spiritual Resolutions

Tturner presents tithing as one of 10 spiritual resolutions.

Note that not all of these posts are entirely about tithing, but I think they each present something to consider.