4 Posts on Christian Apologetics (v. 0.1)

Note: See this post for the concept involved in “4 Posts”

I’m going to use “Christian apologetics” a bit loosely and include anything that involves witnessing or defending the faith in general.

1: Finding Atheism and Donny’s Response

Donny wrote an essay To Carrie, Regarding Atheism. Donny is to be commended for discussing his own questions and doubts. Carrie is to be commended for speaking experientially and honestly. Featured in her discussion is the book The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, though there is little detailed discussion of the claims. I found all of this well worth reading.

2: Evangelism 24:7 – What is the Gospel

I link here to part 4 which is the most recent. This is a sound definition of the gospel from the evangelical point of view, but it may feed into many of the doubts expressed in the first post. You can find links back to the first three posts at the end of the linked post, and part 5 is yet to be written.

3: Sharing a Journey: Yin and Yang

In this post, Kievas Fargo maintains that faith is essentially irrational. He likes science. He believes. He doesn’t see them in conflict because faith doesn’t work that way. Interesting, with good additional link.

4: Pen of the Wayfarer: Unless I had Believed

This short post talks about faith and the meaning of believing. I think it rounds out this “four posts” thing nicely!

Until next time, remember to submit your posts. Otherwise these “4 posts” things will depend entirely on my random reading.