4 Posts on . . . v 0.0

I’ve been thinking for some time that we need a bit more helpful information in order to build the Moderate Christian Blogroll. The problem is that I’m pretty heavily loaded with work right now, much of it on the web, and I don’t have time for a full roundup.

Then I thought of something we did in the conservative Christian elementary school I attended as a child. There were various topics and we would be asked to memorize a list of four texts, 4 texts on creation, 4 texts on scripture, and so forth. I know, there isn’t much relation, but that’s where I got the idea of four posts.

So many blog carnivals and roundups give almost no information about each post and so become just a general collection of links. I don’t have time for that. But 4 posts? I think I can handle it, hopefully more than once per week.

I’m going to pick the topic based on what I see in the feed or the aggregator, and then I’ll link to the posts with enough comment, I hope, to let people know whether they want to read that one. If you have a topic and/or a post, e-mail pubs@energion.com and suggest post and topic. A brief summary would be helpful. I won’t promise to keep up, after all later today I have a list of additions to the roll to add, but I’ll do my best.

And now, watch for new content, 4 Posts on . . . (wait and see!)