Moderate Roundup 8/13/07

General Entries

Through a Glass Darkly tells us about The Funniest Grad School Handbook Ever.

Dave Warnock gives us some great links, but no long posts recently, probably due to golf.

Tom Sims has been attending a leadership conference, and blogs about it here and here.

Monastic Mumblings wonders if us non-monastics have a rule of life.

On One Thing I Know we learn about using the S word, pro and con.


Donny Pauling tells us about a news headline, Former Local Porn Producer Finds God. That former porn producer is, of course, Donny himself.

Simon delivers Parenting from the Heart: I Was Here First.

Dan Schweissing is , well, and writing as well.

Everyday Liturgy warns of the danger of self-pity.

Crossinator is reporting on a race.

Hit the Back Button to Move Forward provides a link to a video about the great web crash of 2007.

Bible Translation

Speaker of Truth tells us about AAugustine’s mistake about original sin.

Bruce Alderman has a humorous update on new Bible translations.


Eddie Arthur is Evangelical and Proud of It.

Kievas Fargo is visiting churches.

The Pen of the Wayfarer tells us about the redemptive purpose of stumbling.

Victor Antonio tells us that God’s heart breaks too.


The Letterkenyan warns about a very anti-Catholic BibleAnswers site.

Power of Suggestion is responding to the God Delusion.

Getting There is giving impressions from a liturgy conference


Roopster thinks Jesus was not divisive.


A Student tackles the parable of the dishonest manager.

One Woman’s Search for Understanding gives us an overview of Habakkuk.

Levellers gives us Jeremiah as a war resister.

From his sermon preparation, Tom Sims provides us with thoughts on fight, flight, or flow, and some more here.

In The Word provides us with an example of Hermeneutics Gone Horribly Awry. (It’s fun!)

Politics and Religion

John Meunier is wondering if the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence can be supported by scripture.

Bill Vernick speaks of trouble ahead as he looks at trends in our society.

Three Sticks tells us that inequality is OK.

Only Wonder Understands provides a new definition of demonstrated love. I’m not sure what my first clue was, but I don’t think he likes the new definition!

Finally, my own blogs

On the Participatory Bible Study Blog I talk about The Story in Scripture.

On the Jevlir Caravansary I write notes on the book The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers.

On the Pacesetters Bible School newsletter, I do a podcast on the meaning of loving God.

On my Threads blog, I discuss sneaking God into public schools.